USB Power Socket 12/24V Single

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Provides a safe 5V USB outlet for charging mobile phones and tablets onboard vehicles.  The USB power socket is suitable for driver equipment or for passenger use and can be connected directly to 12V and 24V vehicle wiring systems.

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This USB power socket provides a safe 5V USB outlet for charging mobile phones, tablets, and other devices onboard a vehicle. As such, it easily installs directly to the 12V and 24V wiring systems of any vehicle. Cars, buses, coaches, and commercial vehicles, for instance.

Single USB Power Supply for Vehicles

This automotive USB power socket provides a single 5V USB outlet. As such, it is ideal for charging devices on vehicles.  It easily installs onto any vehicle. As such, it simply connects directly into the 12/24V wiring system of a vehicle. Subsequently, it delivers enough current (up to 2.1A) to safely charge a mobile phone, tablet, and other devices. For ease of location, the USB power socket has subtle blue LED on the front.

The USB power socket features automatic short circuit detection. So, in the event of tampering or compromise, the unit automatically shuts down. After that, the device restarts once the fault is removed.  It meets the rigorous standards for commercial vehicle installations. Most importantly, BS EN50498 and ISO7637-2. In addition, the device is CE and E-marked.  This USB power socket features a low quiescent current. That is to say, less than 2mA. Therefore, you can install multiple devices throughout the vehicle. As a result, the multiple devices will not materially discharge the vehicle battery.

Whilst it is possible to mount within a panel or bulkhead, this device also comes as a kit. It includes a robust mounting enclosure and cable harness.


Input Voltage: 9-32VDC
Output Voltage: 5VDC +/- 0.2V
Output Power: 2.1A
Protections: Over Current; Overheating; Over and Under Voltage; Reverse Polarity; Transient; Internal Fuse

Input Connections: 6.3mm push-in flat blade connectors
Output Connection: USB Type-A socket

Manufactured in the UK by Alfatronix.

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