Teltonika TAT100 GPS Asset Tracker

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The Teltonika TAT100 GPS Asset Tracker is perfect for valuable goods tracking, wire reels, tools, construction equipment, containers, wagons, scissor lifts and many other non-powered assets.

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For a complete vehicle tracking solution, add a Global IoT SIM card and BEAM Trackr Tracking Platform subscription. Add-ons are available at a lower cost when purchased together with this product.

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Teltonika Global Connectivity Solution prepaid SIM and eSIM
Teltonika Global Network Connectivity SIM $18.19 $16.69
Beam Trackr GPS Tracking Platform subscription
BEAM Trackr GPS Tracking Platform Subscription (12 Months) $63.71 $58.71
BEAMplus GPS Tracking Set-up and Support

BEAMplus GPS is our fully-managed support service designed so that you can get the most from your GPS tracking system.  New GPS tracking devices require set-up and configuration before they can be used, such as installing and configuring the SIM card, and setting up the connection details to the tracking platform, along with making sure your product is ready to use out-of-the-box.

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BEAMplus GPS Tracking Set-up and Support $39.00
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Teltonika TAT100 GPS Asset Tracker – Key Features

This compact Teltonika asset tracker is perfect for protecting, monitoring and tracking non-powered assets such as valuable goods, scooters, tools, construction equipment, containers, jet skis, scissor lifts and anything else where it’s not possible to connect to a power supply.

  • Long-lasting, replaceable internal battery which can send up to 1000 records and last up to 3 years.
  • Location-based service tracking.
  • Robust, small and easy to install.
  • Periodic reports and weekly scheduler for tracking whilst stationary or on-the-move.
  • Water and dust resistant for outdoor environments (IP68).
  • 4 mounting options.

Easy Wireless Installation

The TAT100 features a robust, practical and water-resistant (IP68) enclosure, which combined with different mounting accessories provides you an extremely easy installation.  Developed on an low power Bluetooth chipset, this device provides a long internal battery lifetime up to 3 years.