Teltonika Power Fly Lead, 4-pin Molex to Screw Terminal (2m)

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Power fly lead for Teltonika routers, gateways and switches.  Allows connection directly to a vehicle’s electrical wiring or cabinet power system for quick and simple installation

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This power fly lead allows Teltonika routers, gateways and switches to be connected directly to a vehicle’s electrical wiring or in an equipment cabinet.  It features a 4-way screw terminal at one end and a 4-pin compact Molex socket at the other end for a quick, easy and secure connection to the device.


Input Voltage: 9 to 24V dc
Output Voltage: 9 to 24V dc
Power Rating: 24W

Input connector: 4-way screw terminal
Output connector: 4-pin Molex, 3mm pitch
Cable: 4×0.129 mm2 (26 AWG), 2000 mm
RoHS Compliant

Colour Coding
1 Red – Power +
2 Black – Ground –
3 Green – Input / Output / NC
4 White – Input / Output / NC

Cable Length: 2000mm / 2.0m (approx)
Weight: 40g (approx)