Teltonika FMT100 GPS Vehicle Tracker – Waterproof with Accelerometer

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The Teltonika FMT100 GPS vehicle tracker is small, smart and waterproof with Bluetooth connectivity and internal backup battery. The internal High Gain GNSS antenna, the biggest in its class, allows mounting directly on the car battery under the hood.

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For a complete vehicle tracking solution, add a Global IoT SIM card and BEAM Trackr Tracking Platform subscription. Add-ons are available at a lower cost when purchased together with this product.

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BEAMplus GPS is our fully-managed support service designed so that you can get the most from your GPS tracking system.  New GPS tracking devices require set-up and configuration before they can be used, such as installing and configuring the SIM card, and setting up the connection details to the tracking platform, along with making sure your product is ready to use out-of-the-box.

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Teltonika FMT100 GPS Vehicle Tracker Key Features

  • Waterproof GNSS vehicle tracker can be mounted directly on vehicle battery.
  • Internal backup battery allows the device to continue to work without the external power source.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for external devices and Low Energy sensors.
  • Built-in accelerometer for accurate crash trace data, and to detect motion.
  • Crash detection functionality according to accelerometer data.
  • Can be configured to immediately send email or SMS alerts.
  • Small and simple enough to install on scooters and motorcycles.

The Teltonika FMT100 GPS vehicle tracker is small, smart and waterproof with Bluetooth connectivity and internal backup battery (see note ¹).  The internal high-gain GNSS antenna is the biggest in its class and allows you to mount the device directly onto the vehicle car battery under the bonnet (see note ²).

The specially designed clamp connectors enable fast power cable connection to the car battery.  Additionally, the solid waterproof case and built-in accelerometer sensor can provide extremely accurate crash trace functionality, making this device suitable for insurance market solutions.

Example Use Cases

  • Monitoring and vehicle theft alerting.
  • Fleet management tracking of light commercial vehicles.
  • Driver log-book management.
  • Insurance telematics and usage-based insurance (UBI).
  • Car rental and leasing monitoring.

Crash Detection

Crash detection functionality is supported by the Teltonika FMT100 and in the event of a crash you can be notified as soon as it happens.  The accelerometer data received by the device during the crash makes it possible to visualise the angle and measure the force at which the vehicle was hit.  This makes the Teletonika FMT100 useful in Insurance Telematics solutions.

Low Energy Sensors

The Teltonika FMT100 vehicle tracker supports various Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and devices.  This means you can connect beacons and hands-free headsets, and receive firmware and configuration updates via Bluetooth.



FMT100 Scheme Diagram



¹ The battery-backup is not suitable for long-term power-less monitoring, therefore we don’t recommend this device for vehicles that will be stored away and not used for long periods of time.

² On certain vehicles with smart power monitoring modules attached to the battery, you may need to connect to another terminal, for example, the battery jump-start terminal.  This device does, however, have low-voltage disconnect and internal protection features so that your battery will not be drained.