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GPS and Tracking

Vehicle Trackers

Our vehicle trackers also offer a range of telematics data from crash detection, and driver behaviour, to advanced sensor and CAN integration.

Asset Trackers

Compact asset trackers with their own internal power, and easy to fit. They’re perfect for tracking any valuable assets, such as goods, boats, tools, construction equipment, containers, trailers, scissor lifts and many other non-powered assets.

Personal Trackers

You can protect and monitor your workers, the elderly and your pets. These Intelligent personal GPS trackers are a convenient size, with multiple-scenario sensors and long-life batteries.

Vehicle LTE Routers With Tracking

Our Vehicle LTE Routers with GPS/GNSS offer the best of both worlds, full tracking, and onboard connectivity. Ideal for motorhomes, emergency road vehicles, buses, and commercial vehicles.

Tracking Add-ons

You can get the complete tracking package with our full-featured tracking platform, BEAM Trackr, and the 5 year prepaid Global Network Connectivity SIM. You also have the option to bundle them when purchasing our tracking products.

BEAM Trackr Platform Subscription (12 Months)
£39.00 GBP / 12 months with a free trial of 14 days Ex. VAT


Our range of automotive LTE/WiFi routers offer comprehensive and excellent connectivity for road and marine vehicles.
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