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Stay connected while you’re on the open road

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Motorhome WiFi and GPS tracking systems

Our motorhome WiFi routers offer resilient connectivity for internet access. You can travel the UK and Europe while having robust, secure WiFi connectivity and real-time GPS tracking.

Designed for motorhomes, campervans, and caravans, our range of compact BEAM WiFi routers offer one of the most secure and easy to install motorhome WiFi systems available.

4G/LTE & WiFi Connectivity

Connectivity anytime, anywhere

Compact systems with powerful 4G/LTE and WiFi connectivity wherever you are

Built-in Tracking

Accurate real-time location tracking

Track your motorhome location in real-time with the built-in GNSS tracking*

Access, usage and content management

Easy admin console

Manage WiFi access, data usage, and content filtering easily

Fast and secure 4G/LTE connectivity with WiFi is what the BEAM X series has to offer. With a compact design, out-of-the-box connectivity, and easy installation. They are, therefore, impressive internet devices for motorhome, campervan, and caravan connectivity while on the open road.

Professional Connectivity

The BEAM X series are professional grade devices. Many cheaper Mi-Fi devices offer low performance, basic features, and limited users, which means, they cannot compare with the flexibility, security and performance of the BEAM X series powered by beamOS. Furthermore, due to the wide voltage range the BEAM X series can handle, you have the choice of either 12V or 24V power sources.

Ready To Go and Flexible

The BEAM X series is configured for out-of-the-box motorhome WiFi connectivity, ready to go. Pop in your data SIM card and the simple set-up wizard will have you connected to the Internet within minutes. Furthermore, you can manage every aspect of the flexible system with the admin console. This includes limiting data usage, which is handy when providing WiFi to your data-hungry passengers. You can also control, and even charge for Internet access with third-party services, such as


Motorhome WiFi with the BEAM X series is powered by beamOS. It provides an open system, so you can configure the device to your own requirements. While the firmware is maintained in-house by our own BEAM team, so you can be sure your device is supported by the experts that know the device inside-out.

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