BEAMdata Managed Data SIMs

When connectivity is essential you need managed data SIMs that deliver.

If you are serious about connectivity you need to make sure you have the right managed data SIMs solution to deliver the performance you need.

With BEAMdata we are able to offer data plans to fit your requirements. As a result, you get high-performance data connectivity paired with expert knowledge and support.

Why a Managed Data Solution?

Don’t be fooled by low-cost consumer-grade SIM packages – they are not designed for professional routers or telematic devices, and are usually subject to a restrictive “fair use” policy. 

To get the best connectivity performance from your equipment you need a business-grade managed data SIM solution, with data plans that fit with your business requirements. 

Your Full Service Partner

BEAMdata SIMs are fully managed by us. Which means you don’t need to deal separately with mobile operators. As a result, you get a single point of support access, receiving our expert knowledge and support all in one place.

When you have a BEAMdata SIM subscription for use with our BEAM products, you can relax knowing that any connectivity questions or issues can be quickly dealt with by us as your full-service partner.

No Lengthy Contracts

Our 30-day monthly rolling plans mean there are no lengthy contracts or credit checks. Therefore, you can stop and start your subscription as it suits your business – perfect for seasonal tour operators, for example.

Key Benefits


Our range of automotive LTE/WiFi routers offer comprehensive and excellent connectivity for road and marine vehicles.