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HOW TO – Change the Wi-Fi Name (SSID) and/or Password (All Models)

If you need to change the Guest Wi-Fi name (SSID) or password then you can access and do this through the Network Management Console (WebFig) using the following steps:

1) If you do not already have it, then please raise a support ticket to obtain the login name and password for the Management Console, quoting the serial number of your unit.  These are not publicly available to keep your unit secure.
2) Connect to the hidden Accessory Wi-Fi Channel network of the unit using a laptop.  If you do not have the details for this then please raise a support ticket, quoting the serial number of your unit.  These are not publicly available to keep your unit secure.
– NOTE on the BW100 you should connect to the normal Guest Wi-Fi network as this unit does not have an Accessory network.
3) Open a Web browser and type into the browser’s URL search bar.  (NOTE on the BW100 this should be
4) You will be presented with the Management Console’s login page.  Login with the user name (normally beam-owner) and password provided.
5) Once you’ve logged in, ensure that the WebFig button is press in the top right corner.  This will give you access to all of the configuration options.
6) You will then see list of options in the left hand menu. Click on Wireless.
7) To Change the Public Wi-Fi Network Name
7-A) With the Interface tab selected, click on the network with the description WLAN Guest.

7-B) On the WLAN Guest Interface configuration page, go to the setting called SSID about half way down.  This is field in which you enter the Wi-Fi network name or SSID that the users will see:

7-C) Click on the OK button at the top of the form to apply the new SSID.
8) To Change the Public Wi-Fi Network Password
8-A) Click on the top tab named Security Profiles.
8-B) Click on the network named sec-guest-wifi (this may be named Guest Wi-Fi on older configurations).
8-C) If necessary, change the Mode option to ‘dynamic keys’ if you are setting a password, or ‘none’ if you are allowing access without a password (an Open network).
8-D) When using a password, set up or change password by inputting it twice into the WPA Pre-Shared Key and WPA2 Pre-Shared Key fields.  It’s important you enter both of these fields, and that you ensure they are the same password.
9) Once done click OK to apply the new password changes.
10) You can now close your browser, restart the unit and test your new settings.
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