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BEAM iSeries – Front and Back Panels

BEAM 5i and BEAM 8i WiFi routers
BEAM iSeries Logo

Front Panel

BEAM 5i and 8i front panel diagram
  1. LCD Status Screen
  2. USB (Type A)

Back Panel

BEAM 5i back panel diagram
  1. Power Connector
  2. Ethernet
  3. Mobile MAIN antenna connector
  4. Mobile AUX antenna connector
  5. Reset button
  6. Wi-Fi antenna connector
BEAM 8i back panel diagram
  1. Power Connector
  2. GPS/GNSS antenna connector
  3. Ethernet – WAN
  4. Ethernet – LAN
  5. Mobile AUX antenna connector
  6. Wi-Fi antenna connectors
  7. Reset button
  8. Mobile MAIN antenna connector

Power Connector

  1. Not connected
  2. Negative (Wire – Black)
  3. Positive (Wire – Red)
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