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BEAM Cloud Hotspot – Overview and Access Details

What is BEAM Cloud Hotspot?

BEAM Cloud Hotspot is a bolt-on platform that allows operators with BEAM xSeries WiFi devices to manage the way their users access the Internet via the routers.  For example, it allows operators to collect user data and sign-up information via a branded portal before users can proceed to the public Internet.  It also allows packages to be create so that operators can optionally charge for Internet access, as well as obtain usage analytics.

The BEAM Cloud Hotspot is a RADIUS server powered by a version of the (Wired Magazine recommended) HotspotSystem platform which Mobile Onboard LABS licence and fully manage on your behalf.

How to access your Hotspot console

To access your Hotspot Management console, go to and login using the operator name and password supplied.  You can use change the initial password given to you after you have logged in for the first time.

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