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BEAM Cloud Hotspot – Managing Locations

A Location is the place where your users access the Internet via the BEAM routers – i.e. the Hotspot.  For example, this could be a ticket office or bus station.  When it comes to a fleet of vehicles (e.g. buses), the default set-up is that one location covers all of the vehicle hotspots within the operator’s network, such as a city or region.  This reduces complexity, management and ultimately costs for subscribing to the BEAM Cloud Hotspot, as opposed to specifying that each vehicle is a “location”.

To view your Locations in the Control Centre use the side menu and go to MANAGE > Locations.

To view and manage a Location, click on the location’s name in the list.

Changing Location Settings

To change the settings, including the styling, for the Location, click on Modify Hotspot Data & Settings in the top right of the page.  You will then be taken to the page show below and presented with a number of options.  Each of these options is explained in their own respective Knowledge Base article.

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