Emergency Vehicle Connectivity

Onboard WiFi, and real-time tracking for emergency vehicle connectivity.

Emergency Vehicle connectivity for information access and integration

Resilient emergency vehicle connectivity is essential first response teams. Access to critical information and remote systems while in the field is key to a successful team. While integration with onboard systems and vehicle tracking is key to essential remote management for your fleet.

Here at BEAM Onboard we are specialists in road transport connectivity and systems integration. As such, we fully understand the importance of delivering robust and effective emergency vehicle connectivity.

LTE & WiFi Connectivity

Robust Connectivity anytime, anywhere

A compact router with dual SIM LTE and secure WiFi connectivity

Built-in Tracking

Accurate real-time location tracking

Track your fleet locations in real-time with the built-in GNSS tracking

Access, usage and content management

Easy admin console

Manage WiFi access, data usage, and content filtering remotely

Transport Grade Connectivity

Introducing the BEAM 8x Automotive Router

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The BEAM 8x is our most compact and capable vehicle router, powered by BeamOS. As a result, it delivers an impressive combination of hardware and firmware to deliver advanced emergency vehicle connectivity, networking, and integration.

Key Features

Compact Design For All Road Emergency Vehicles

The BEAM 8x is a compact LTE, WiFi and GNSS router with automotive EMARK certification, suitable for all road emergency vehicles.

Robust Connectivity With Dual SIM

Ensure an essential, robust and consistant network connection with the ability to insert dual SIMs on different networks.

Real-time Location Tracking

With the built-in GNSS, the BEAM 8x can provide a real-time location tracking feed to virtually any tracking platform, with its flexible set-up and configuration options.

Integrate With Onboard Systems

The BEAM 8x can provide connectivity to key onboard systems via its dedicated multiple, secure WiFi channels and its physical interfaces. These include USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, I/O and SD Card.

Secure WiFi Hotspot

Vehicle personnel can connect wirelessly to a secure WiFi hotspot with phones, handheld devices and laptops. The unit can connect directly and securely to your infrastructure using the built-in virtual private network (VPN) functionality.

Ready To Go Out-of-the-box

The BEAM 8x ships as a complete kit, pre-configured and ready to go out-of-the-box.

Custom Configuration and Managed Service

We are specialists in vehicle connectivity and systems integration. We provide custom BEAM 8x configuration to fit specific emergency vehicle connectivity requirements. To ensure continued connectivity and support we offer BEAMplus, a fully managed service including full service and data management.

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