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Transport depot WiFi

WiFi mesh networks designed and installed

BEAM depot WiFi

Depot WiFi connectivity delivered by BEAM depot

Depot WiFi has fast become a necessity for busy transport depots. With so many connected systems and mobile devices, modern transportation operations need reliable connectivity across the entire facility in order to provide reliable vehicle logistics, systems communication, and employee communication.

These busy environments bring a range of technical challenges to providing high-performing wireless coverage for connected technology on vehicles and staff devices. With over 10 years of experience in the transport and wireless communications industry, we are well placed to understand the technical challenges and provide a tailored wireless depot solution to improve your operations and deliver your business goals.

On-site Survey for tailored design

Our experienced team will attend your depot and perform an on-site wireless survey. They will identify any potential sources of interference and specific venue obstacles which would hinder effective WiFi coverage. The survey looks at all aspects of the depot and incorporates a full analysis to pick up any other devices working within similar frequencies.

Depot WiFi Coverage Guarantee

Our custom designed BEAM depot WiFi networks take into account everything from your depot size, construction, types of device connecting to the network, and interference. Our team then takes all these factors into account to design a robust network installation for your depot. This ensures a successful depot WiFi network design and installation that guarantees coverage to ensure every vehicle and even the smallest of devices like phones or handheld devices have fast stable connections.

Quality of Service Management

Our networks can be fully optimised to give quality and priority of service to any application. We can manage and monitor the network performance via our cloud controller software allowing us to make any changes to your network instantly. We can also create a specific cloud-based controller for you with full or read only access should you wish to manage the network or have visibility.

BEAM depot WiFi

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If you’re looking to deploy depot our BEAM depot team will be on hand to discuss your requirements and deliver the technical assistance for your depot WiFi project.

Connect your fleet with WiFi and tracking

Whatever your fleet WiFi requirement we have BEAM WiFi systems that will deliver what you need.

Not sure what the best BEAM system is for you? We can help you, contact our team

BEAM 5x - Top Front - Product ImageBEAM 5x - Top Right - Product Image
BEAM 5x Compact Automotive WiFi Router
£175.00 GBP£239.00 GBP Ex. VAT
BEAM XPRESSi WiFi router in hand
BEAM XPRESSi Automotive WiFi Router with GPS
£149.00 GBP£209.00 GBP Ex. VAT
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