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A GPS Tracking Platform That Is Fully Featured and Fully Managed

With BEAM Trackr, you get a fully-featured GPS tracking platform. Therefore, it offers you all the functionality you need to track your devices in real-time.

You can be up and running with no technical expertise or additional server hardware required.

Feature Packed, Detailed Tracking

A Wide Variety of Applications

BEAM Trackr can support a wide variety of applications, including:

Real-time Tracking

With BEAM Trackr you can view your GPS/GNSS devices in real-time with virtually no delay, including additional telematic information transmitted by our range of tracking devices.

Our platform uses the excellent Open Street Map by default for the mapping, but also has various other road map and satellite imagery options.


Get instant Web notifications and email and SMS support (as a subscription upgrade). Therefore, you can be alerted for driving behaviour such as speeding, excessive fuel usage, telematics and maintenance events, and geofencing alerts.

If you have a specific requirement, our team can set you up with a bespoke solution using our devices and infrastructure.

Detailed Reporting

BEAM Trackr comes with a detailed reporting dashboard. As a result, you can access historical location and trip data with charts and summary reports.

Data can be viewed within the Web app. Moreover, the data can also be exported and downloaded to a CSV or Excel file.


Integrate with external systems and platforms. BEAM Trackr makes it easy with its comprehensive API. Additionally, our team can help you build a solution for your specific requirements.

BEAM Trackr is cloud hosted and managed by our BEAM Onboard team. Therefore, you can get a full featured GPS tracking platform with three easy steps.

Step One

Subscribe to BEAM Trackr, you can subscribe here

Step Two

Login to your own BEAM Trackr dashboard

Step Three

Add your tracking devices with the easy to use wizard. That’s it, you are up and running!


All the features you need to effectively track your vehicles, assets, and personnel.