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Bus WiFi

BEAM bus WiFi routers connect passengers and onboard systems


BEAM automotive routers for bus WiFi

BEAM WiFi is designed for automotive use. As a result they offer a perfect bus WiFi solution to connect passengers and onboard systems. There are options for built-in application servers and location tracking. Therefore, these options give BEAM WiFi systems the flexibility for any use scenario. Additionally, they are ideal for any size passenger vehicle. From taxis to buses, minibuses to the largest touring coaches, there is a BEAM bus WiFi solution.

Bus WiFi key features

Bus WiFi systems powered by BEAM are designed to be simple and cost-effective without compromising on features and capability. As a result, you get full-featured WiFi on your fleet of buses that deliver excellent performance.

Lifetime Warranty

BEAM hardware comes with a lifetime warranty, on-site engineer support and remote diagnostics as part of our beamPLUS package

Move Between Vehicles

BEAM WiFi Routers can be moved between vehicles in your fleet when fitted with additional BEAM power fly-leads and antennas

Passenger Connectivity

Passengers can enjoy WiFi internet connectivity without impacting the performance of onboard systems connected to the BEAM system

Connected Systems

Easily connect onboard systems to cloud-based back office systems either wirelessly, or via Ethernet

Hotspot Management

With BEAM you have complete control of your WiFi hotspots. From branding to RADIUS server integration for full access options

Open system

BEAM WiFi systems are powered by BeamOS. It is an open system that offers full and complete configuration of the BEAM devices

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BeamOS gives bus WiFi the power

BEAM WiFi hardware is powered by BeamOS. It is an open system built specifically for BEAM WiFi systems. As a result, it gives you the power to do what you want to do. The power to exploit the capabilities of BEAM WiFi, and to configure it to your requirements.

BEAM Bus WiFi Routers

Whatever your bus WiFi requirement we have BEAM WiFi systems that will deliver what you need.

Not sure what the best BEAM system is for you? We can help you, contact our team

BEAM 5x - Top Front - Product ImageBEAM 5x - Top Right - Product Image
BEAM 5x Compact Automotive WiFi Router
£175.00 GBP£270.00 GBP Ex. VAT
BEAM XPRESSi WiFi router in hand
BEAM XPRESSi Automotive WiFi Router with GPS
£149.00 GBP£209.00 GBP Ex. VAT
BEAMplus - Box Front

When it comes to support we have you covered. Let us take care of you with BEAMplus.

BEAMplus is our fully managed service. It provides services to get the most from BEAM WiFi systems. As a result, you get the peace of mind you are continually looked after by our technical team. With responsive after-sales support and lifetime warranties, BEAMplus also gives you access to our suite of additional services including systems monitoring, 4G data management, and GPS fleet tracking

With BEAMplus we have you covered.

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