About Us

Connecting transport technology

Transport technology, it’s what we are all about.

Transport technology is where our expertise shines here at BEAM Onboard. We have been supporting the passenger transport and road transport industries since 2010 when we first launched our own passenger BEAM Wi-Fi systems.

Since then our products and services have evolved to encompass fully integrated solutions driven by leading integrated off-the-shelf hardware, management, and smart big data infrastructure.

We're part of the Onboard Technology Group

The Onboard Technology Group has a focus on products and services that deliver technology solutions, primarily to the transport and travel industry.

Our technologies, delivered with in-house expertise.

Our key technologies offer solid foundations for custom solutions that deliver on requirements and future-proof scalability. As a result, this gives us total in-house expertise to support our customers changing requirements.

Vehicle WiFi and Fleet Wireless Connectivity.

Our BEAM automotive routers enable vehicle mobile network connectivity, passenger WiFi and vehicle tracking. Your vehicles fitted with BEAM become smart vehicles. While our suite of BEAM services offer additional services including data plans, depot WiFi, and third-party onboard systems integration.

Why partner with us?

In-house expertise

We design, build and deliver

We design and integrate with industry leading systems. Which means we have the expertise in-house to deliver on your requirements.

Future-proof technology

Scalable and constantly developed

Investing in our technology gives you peace of mind that it will scale and develop with your operations to ensure ROI.

Flexible customer services

Working with you

We can work with you the way you to want to work with us. From simply supplying what you need through to providing fully managed online services, we give you the flexibility to have the level of service you need.

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