The Latest 5G Connectivity for Vehicles Is Here

Introducing the Future of Onboard Connectivity

Experience the next level of onboard connectivity with our cutting-edge 5G solutions designed exclusively for vehicles. Our latest routers bring lightning-fast speeds, ultra-low latency, and unmatched device capacity, transforming every journey into a connected and enriching experience. Upgrade to our latest 5G connectivity solutions and unlock the full potential of onboard communication today.

Unlock Advanced Connectivity Features

Elevate Passenger Experience

Upgrade your onboard systems and provide your passengers with an unparalleled connected experience. Our latest 5G solutions not only offer lightning-fast internet speeds but also enable advanced connectivity features such as real-time data monitoring, advanced analytics, and predictive maintenance. Stay ahead of the curve and take your onboard connectivity to new heights with our customisable 5G solutions. Embrace the future today and revolutionise the way your passengers stay connected on the go.

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Teltonika Networks RUTX50 Industrial 5G Router front and back panel right view

Introducing the Teltonika RUTX50

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The Teltonika RUTX50 Industrial 5G Router with Wi-Fi is the ultimate solution for transport and public transit operators seeking reliable and high-speed mobile communication. This dual-SIM router is designed to provide seamless connectivity for data-heavy applications, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Introducing the Teltonika TRB500

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The Teltonika TRB500, a compact 5G gateway ideal for vehicles and public transport. Experience ultra-fast data transmission with this durable, energy-efficient device that’s also compatible with 4G and 3G networks.  This device is not a Wi-Fi router, but a cost-effective way to upgrade your existing onboard systems and passenger Wi-Fi to super-fast 5G.

Upgrade your fleet with future-proof connectivity today.

Teltonika TRB500 Industrial 5G Gateway
BEAM data managed data SIMs available in 4G and 5G data plans

5G Managed Data SIMs

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Discover the power of our serious business-grade 5G data SIM packages, designed to provide reliable and seamless connectivity for your business, with no lengthy contracts or credit checks.